Mosaic Sky

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the best sound out of Dunedin since ages ago

Fast and slow

All The Time

Our Story

Mosaic Sky is an avant-rock band from Dunedin, New Zealand.

After years of brewing over music just wanting to be played, finally things came together in 2018 and Mosaic Sky was formed.

We are known for our complex sound spaces, evoking abstract imagery, and sense of journey.

Our music incorporates effects-laden guitars with experiments in classical composition techniques.

UPcoming gigs

There is nothing quite like seeing Mosaic Sky live

Vogel Street Party –  2pm Oct 12

Arc Brewery  – 9pm Nov 30

Waitati Music Festival – 3pm Feb 22

Who is Mosaic Sky?

Matthew – Vocals + Guitar

Pete – Guitar

Nathan – Bass

Dwayne – Drums


Mosaic Sky are pioneering new avant-rock through their integration of minimalist rock and avant-garde ideas that come through beautifully in their complex and mesmerizing soundscapes.

With nods to Sigur Ros, Radiohead, and many others, Dunedin’s Mosaic Sky creates a unique brand of cathartic release with their excellent sound.

The band has attained striking erudition, dexterity and compositional know-how in their interlectually engaging music.




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